Get to know the Aare River in Switzerland, the Many Historic Buildings around it, Already Know?

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The Aare River is a river located in the Swiss Alps.
This river is a tributary of the Rhine and is the longest river in Switzerland. Indeed, how long?
This river has a length of up to 295 kilometers which irrigates an area of ​​17,779 square kilometers.
The Aare River has been included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Switzerland since 2017.
In fact, since 2016, the water quality in the Aare river is considered the safest for drinking. This can be seen from the clarity of the river which is green tosca.

While enjoying the beauty of the Aare River, it turns out that there are historical places that can be visited, lo.
Anything, huh? Come on, let’s find out together.

1. Altstadt (Old Town)
As the name suggests Altstadt or Old Town (in Indonesian: old town), was once the center of Bern.
The city was first built in the 12th century. The area is located in Grunes Quatier on a hill on the banks of the river Aare.
Various buildings of classical architecture are found in this area such as cathedrals to bridges.
In addition, in this area there are also several fountains decorated with statues.
In 1983, the entire area of ​​Altstadt was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the Old City of Bern.

2. Federal Palace or Federal Palace
The Federal Palace or in Indonesian, namely the Federal Palace is a Swiss government parliament building located on the Bundesplatz, on the banks of the Aare River, Bern.
This Renaissancer Revival architectural building was first opened in 1902.
This building consists of a central parliament building, several government department offices, to a library.
In the center of the building there is a dome called the Hall of Dome which has a height of 64 meters.
The inside of the dome is decorated with a mosaic of state symbols, state mottos, and the 22 regions of Switzerland.

3. Barengraben and BarenPark
Barengraben and BarenPark is a zoo and bear breeding park located in Grosser Muritalden, Old Town area, Bern.
The zoo is located near Nydeggbrucke, on the banks of the Aare River.
Barengraben is in the form of a tunnel, while BarenPark is an open area.

Do you know friends? This Barengraben is one of the Swiss National Heritage which has been open since 1857, lo.
Meanwhile, BarengPark is still relatively new, opening in 2009.
This place is used as a bear breeding park because the bear is an important animal in Bern and is even a symbol of this city, lo.

The name Bern itself comes from the word “Baren” which means bear. The origin of the word was then used by Prince Berthold V to name this city.
Apart from being a zoo, BarenPark also often holds bear shows. This tourist spot can be visited every day for 24 hours.

4. Untertorbrucke Bridge (Lower Gate Bridge)
This bridge is a stone arch bridge that spans the Aare River, City of Bern, Switzerland.
This bridge is the oldest bridge in Switzerland.
This bridge is one of the State heritage sites.
Well, those are four historical places that friends can visit while seeing the beauty of the Aare River.