3 Lesser Known Mt Fuji Attractions

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Seeing Mount Fuji in person is indeed the dream of every tourist who vacations in Japan. Visit Lake Kawaguchi, take the Mt. Fuji Panoramic to Ninja-style cosplay at Iyashi no Sato is not something foreign to Indonesian tourists. Even though there are still many tourist attractions that are no less interesting, you know. This time there are recommendations for 3 attractions around Mount Fuji that you can visit. Let’s see the details below!


1. Aokigahara Forest

Has anyone ever heard of this forest? Hmm, surely most of you know this forest as “a forest of suicides”. Actually this forest is very beautiful. Aokigahara is located northwest of Mount Fuji. This forest stretches from Kawaguchiko Town to Narizawa Village, Yamanashi Prefecture. This forest earned the nickname “forest sea of trees”. Here you can find ice caves, rows of towering trees, and a very beautiful view of Mount Fuji.

To get to this forest, you need about two hours drive from Tokyo. You can take the Fujikyu train to Kawaguchiko Station and then take the Retro bus. The entrance is near Sai Bat Cave. Oh yes, don’t do things that violate the norms and rules. Don’t litter too :3

2. Narusawa Ice Cave

Around the forest of Aokigahara, you can find a very beautiful ice cave. This cave is commonly known as Narusawa Hyoketsu Cave. This cave is formed from the lava flow from the eruption of Mount Fuji which then hot lava descends and forms two tunnels that become caves. This cave holds eternal ice in it. The Narusawa Ice Cave will stay frozen all year long! This cave has an average temperature of 3 to 0 degrees Celsius. It’s so cold

The cave is open until 4 pm. The entrance ticket is 350 yen for adults, and 200 yen for children. Oh yes, not far from the Narusawa Ice Cave, there is Fugaku Fuketsu Cave. You can all stop by this cave. It only takes 13 minutes by foot.


3. Fugaku Wind Cave

Now from the Narusawa Ice Cave, you can proceed to the Fugaku Wind Cave. Fugaku Wind Cave is a place where you can feel a very cool breeze with an average temperature of 3 degrees Celsius. The length of this cave is 201 meters, with exit and entry through the same route. The path inside the Fugaku Wind Cave is more comfortable to walk compared to the Narusawa Ice Cave. In the interior of this cave, there is a shelf where the cave used to be used as a cooling device until 1950. Grains are stored by local residents in this cave to keep it durable.

You need about 15 minutes to go down this cave. In this cave there are not too many climbs and descents. You can visit this cave in summer to enjoy the coolness of the Fugaku Wind Cave.

So, those were 3 tourist attractions around Mount Fuji that are still rarely exposed and few tourists know. So if you’re traveling to the foot of Mount Fuji, it doesn’t hurt to stop by these places!