German Black Forest, Nature Tour to Germany’s Largest Forest

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German Black Forest, Nature Tour to Germany’s Largest Forest

The Black Forest is known to be one of the largest natural tourist destinations in Germany with its vast forests, high mountains and peaks with magnificent views, making it a popular destination for tourists visiting Germany. Germany, apart from being famous for its football world, it turns out that on the other hand it is also famous for its destinations that can give you goosebumps and curiosity. The Black Forest, aka the black forest, is known to be a pretty scary place because of its dark atmosphere. So, turn on your guts to explore and enjoy its beauty and freshness!

The Origin of the Name Black Forest

According to legend, these forest mountains have become the home of supernatural beings (mythology). Surprisingly, this forest in Baden-Wurttemberg, southwest Germany is never empty of visitors! Because, behind the dark forest, there are natural beauty, countryside, waterfalls and castles that are interesting to visit in this Black Forest area. Why is it called the Black Forest? Because, there are many pine and pine trees (canopy of evergreens) that grow very dense and towering, making the atmosphere in the forest dark, identical to the color ‘black’. Even though it is dark, during the day it is not completely dark, we can still see sunlight through the gaps in the trees. The tourists who explore this forest, will usually be reminded to memorize the path they take, so that when they want to go home they don’t get lost.

This forest already existed, before the ‘black forest’ cakes commonly found here were popping up a lot. However, the name of the cake does not come from the name of this ‘black forest’ forest, but from the name of the alcoholic drink Schwarzwälder Kirsch which is made from cherries from the Black Forest area. It is called Schwarzwderkirschtorte in German, which means Black Forest Cherry Torte or Gateau. Josef Keller (1887-1981) was the inventor of the Black Forest cherry pie. He was the pastry chef at Café “Ahrend” (today called Agner) in Bad Godesberg. In 1915, he created for the first time what he called “Schwarzwaelder Kirsch” or “Black Forest Cherry”. The cherries used as one of the cake ingredients are not red cherries, but black cherries which make the cake look darker in color.

Black Rorest Cake Hunt

The first black forest cake was made by Josef Keller in a Bonn City cafe, about 350 kilometers north of the Black Forest. Today, there are many cafes following in the footsteps of Mr. Josef Keller in this Black Forest area. When you visit here, don’t miss visiting the cafes scattered in the forest area to taste this delicious and legendary ‘black forest’ cake. In addition, there is also a restaurant that serves a variety of delicious food. Not surprisingly, tourists often refer to this forest as a German culinary ‘paradise’.

Tour to the Black Forest

If you want to visit the Black Forest in Germany this summer, make sure you book the spa and hotel well in advance. Because, this natural forest tourist area is very crowded from June to August. If you don’t want the atmosphere to be too crowded, you can visit it in early spring and late autumn. Whenever you get a chance to visit the Black Forest, there are lots of interesting things to do in this vast area of forest, like skiing at Feldberg in January or surfing Lake Titisee in July. Make your vacation even more exciting by trying out the inns around the Black Forest, and trying new things that have never been experienced before.


Interesting Sightseeing in the Black Forest Area

In addition to presenting the beauty of the forest, in the Black Forest area there are also many interesting places to visit, such as Lake Titisee and Schluchsee which offer tourists for water sports such as diving and surfing. Here are some of the most beautiful places you can visit:

1. Baden-Baden. It has a vibrant cultural community with various art events and exhibitions throughout the year. Tourists can venture into the Black Forest National Park, or stay downtown and enjoy the curative waters of the hot springs built around 1810.

2. Bad Wildbad. Although not quite as well known as Baden-Baden, Bad Wildbad is a popular spa town (hot water is around 35 degrees Celsius) and cheaper to be a tourist destination in this northern part of the jungle. Bad Wildbad has beautiful views of the pine trees and the Enz River Gorge.

3. Calw. Located north of the Black Forest, Calw is renowned as one of the most beautiful towns in the Black Forest area. Nobel Prize-winning novelist Hermann Hesse (1877-1962), who wrote Siddhartha was born in Calw. In addition, the city has museums and statues dedicated to famous writers.

4. Freiburg. The beautiful spot south of the Black Forest is a university town and an excellent area for hiking. The town sits at the bottom of the slopes of the Black Forest’s forests and vineyards, and is jam-packed with log houses and cobblestoned streets.

5. The Kinzig and Gutach Valleys are densely forested areas where many traditional Black Forest customs originate, such as the cuckoo clock and the Bollenhut, women’s hat with red pom-poms. In these sleepy cities, visitors will feel the mysterious aura of the Black Forest come alive. While visiting the area, check out the Alpirsbach brewery, and visit Schiltach for classic wooden houses full of color and character.


Interesting Facts about Black Forest

There are a few facts about the Black Forest in Germany that you should know. What are those? Check out the following description:

The world’s largest cuckoo clock – the size of a house – is at Eble Uhren-Park in Triberg. 2
The springs in Baden-Baden are up to 17,000 years old and discharge about 800,000 liters of hot water a day.
Freiburg’s most famous landmark, Münster Unserer Lieben Frau, took 3 centuries to build, from around 1200 to 1515.
Throughout late autumn to late winter, the sun only shines on the Black Forest until 14:00 local time. After that, the Black Forest became completely dark until 8:00 am.

Black Forest (Black Forest)
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The Black Forest is a mountainous region in southwest Germany, bordering France. Known for its dense forests and picturesque villages, it is often associated with the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. It is also famous for its spas and cuckoo clocks produced in the area since the 1700s. The largest city in the region, Freiburg, is dotted with Gothic buildings and surrounded by vineyards.
Located in : Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Altitude: 1,493 meters (4,898 feet)
Length: 160 km (99 miles)
The highest peak: Feldberg
Area : 6,009 km²
Did you know: The largest natural lake in the Black Forest, Titisee stretches for about 2 km (over 1 mile).