Sempu Island, Hidden Maritime Paradise in Malang

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Sempu Island
Sempu Island is indeed famous as a nature reserve conservation site in Malang which offers amazing views, especially the lagoon. Although it is prohibited for tourists, you can visit as long as you have permission from the government.

Sempu Island Location

So, where is Sempu Island? This tour is located right at the Address: Tambakrejo, Kec. Sumbermanjing, Malang City, East Java. If you still don’t know this tour, then you can look for it on google maps by typing the name of this tourist spot and of course its existence will be seen.


Sempu Island Attraction

Here are some of the attractions that exist on Sempu Island.

1. As a Conservation Area

Since 1928, Sempu Island Malang was inaugurated as a nature reserve managed by the local government. Various types of flora and fauna on this island are protected because of their endangered existence.
Initially this island area was not intended for tourist areas, but recently the island has been opened to public tourists. Provided that visitors who will come to this tour must have permission from the BKSDA.
For visitors who plan to visit this island, they can travel as well as get to know the richness of flora and fauna contained in it. In addition to knowing the types of animals or plants that are protected, you can also get to know more about their characteristics.

2. Quiet Area

Visitors who are looking for a place to be alone, this island can be the right choice. The location of the island which is far from the city center makes the atmosphere of the island area calmer from the bustle of the city.
Apart from being a great place to be alone, this island can also make your body and mind more relaxed. You can come at night or in the afternoon if you want to feel the tranquility of the island in the morning.
The chirping of birds that are still alive in the wild will add to the tranquility while you are on this island. The sound of the waves crashing from the lagoon will be heard all the way to the center of the island. What a blend of natural melodies that can win hearts and minds.

Estimated Travel Costs to Sempu Island, Malang

The entrance ticket to this beautiful island area in Malang costs Rp. 20,000. This fee is indeed not very friendly, but if you want to see the beauty of this island, it never hurts to try to visit it.
Before arriving at this island, visitors must enter Sendang Biru Beach which is the entrance to the island. Entrance tickets to this beach area are priced at IDR 5,000 per person. There is a vehicle parking fee that must be paid by visitors when choosing to use a private vehicle.
After successfully entering the beach, you can use a motorized boat with a rental system. In order to save more costs, you can invite other visitors when you want to cross this boat. Boat rental fee Rp. 150,000 and can fit up to 10 people.

Sempu Pulau Island Facilities

One of the facilities that visitors will get when traveling on this island is a restaurant. A typical seafood menu that is mouthwatering, you can enjoy at a fairly affordable price.
There are also toilets in different corners of the island. Due to the size of the island, the local management has built many toilets so that visitors can find them easily.
You can also find boat rentals to get around the island’s lagoons or beaches. Of course this will support exciting activities that you can do on this exotic island.

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