6 Best and Stunning Beach Tours in Indonesian

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6 Most Beautiful and Stunning Beach Tourism in Indonesia – Indonesia is a maritime country consisting of thousands of islands and is famous for having many of the most beautiful and stunning beach tourism destinations. So do not be surprised if, many foreign tourists spend their time on vacation here.


Pink Beach, Lombok

In general, the beach is dominated by views of white sand combined with clear blue water, unlike the tourist destinations on the island of Komodo, because it is dominated by pink sand.

Pink Beach, which is located in Serokah Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency, is predicted to be the most beautiful Indonesian tourism. The charm of this tour is unmatched because it is rich in flora and fauna, the conditions are still very natural.


Nihiwatu Beach, Sumba

The next best beach tourism position is occupied by Nihiwatu. According to a survey from CNN World’s 100 Best Beaches In The World, this place is ranked number 17 as the best destination in the world. The reason is, there is an amazingly beautiful view.

Even the charm of Nihiwatu beach, located in Sumba, is predicted to be able to match the panoramic beauty of Hanalei Bay, Hawaii. Not only that, the waves there are also included in the world’s fastest category.


Derawan Beach, East Kalimantan

The next most beautiful beach destination is Derawan beach. According to CNN, this tour occupies the 63rd position in the Best Beaches In The World category. The charm of this place is indeed very beautiful, with a stretch of white sand like snow combined with turquoise sea water.

Derawan Beach is widely known as an underwater paradise. The variety of biota is also very large, ranging from coral reefs, jellyfish, green turtles and many others. So do not be surprised, if the tour is a favorite place for tourists who love snorkeling.


Sawarna Beach, Banten

The next best tourist row is occupied by Sawarna beach which faces directly to the Indian Ocean. This place does look very exotic with clear sea water with white sand and combined with green hills and decorated with coral reefs.

At first glance, the view of Sawarna is not much different from the others. However, this tour is unique, which is located on a large rock that towers over the edge. In addition, the beach ombat is very popular and a favorite for surfing tourists.


Pandawa Beach, Bali

The Beach of the Gods in Bali has become one of Indonesia’s leading tourist destinations. Even the place was dubbed as The Secret Beach, because its location is quite hidden covered by high cliffs and bushes.

Even so, the charm of this Pandawa beach cannot be hidden. The reason is, you can enjoy a very clean stretch of white sand combined with the charm of limestone cliffs, so the atmosphere looks beautiful and natural.


Ora Beach, Central Maluku

The last best sea tourism is occupied by Ora beach, which is located in Central Maluku. This destination is also dubbed as a hidden paradise. In fact, many people say that the charm of the location rivals Boracay, the Philippines’ leading tourist attraction.

The charm of Ora Beach is amazingly beautiful. Here you can enjoy the view of a stretch of white sand with sea water that is so clear, so tourists can see firsthand the beauty of coral and other underwater biota from the boat.


That’s a row of beach tourism in Indonesia whose charm is not inferior to neighboring countries. Hopefully this brief review can be a source of reference, especially for those of you when you are confused about finding a destination for a vacation.

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