Mount Pesagi, the highest mountain in Lampung

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Mount Pesagi, the highest mountain in Lampung – West Lampung, is indeed a repository of natural attractions, one of which is Mount Pesagi. The height of Mount Pesagi reaches 2,200 meters above sea level. From the top we can see beautiful views of the West Lampung region, the Krui High Sea, Ranau Lake, and the Starfruit High Sea.


Mount Pesagi

Geographically, Mount Pesagi is located in Pekon Hujung, West Lampung. This mountain is very famous for its long and challenging path, however, but when climbing the climbers will be treated to a variety of very interesting plants, such as orchids.

Besides meeting interesting plants and if we are lucky we will meet wildlife. You need to know that you are not allowed to pick flowers or hunt animals, and visitors who come must participate in maintaining the cleanliness and sustainability of the mountain ecosystem and not only Mount Pesagi but with other mountains.


Hiking trails

It is not easy to reach the top of this mountain. The long hiking trails and difficult terrain conditions are the reasons why this trail is not easy. You can choose two routes to reach the top of this beautiful mountain. The two routes are the first route, namely from Pekon Itu to Pekon Hujung. Then, the second route is through Lake Ranau.

The travel time required for both routes to reach the summit is approximately the same. It takes 12 hours to get there and back. This is also when the weather is clear. If it rains or rains, the travel time can exceed 12 hours. In addition, in this climb you must have sufficient physical and mental condition. Therefore, it is better to prepare physically and mentally before climbing.

This hiking trail has about 6 pillars to reach the beautiful peak. However, before reaching this beautiful mountain, you have to experience a very extreme slope. did you know? According to the beliefs of the people there, they call this top a ladder. Because at this peak people pray.

Other information, after reaching the top of the mountain, you can visit seven hot springs. However, according to local residents, only lucky climbers can visit these seven wells. In addition, there is another spring called the mas shower spring. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get there, it takes about 30 minutes from the top of the mountain to the springs.

Tourist Atmosphere Around Mount Pesagi

In addition to climbing this mountain, you can also visit some very beautiful tourist attractions there. These include Sepapa Kiri Waterfall, Sepapa Kanan Waterfall and Peak Bawang Bakung.

The right and left Sepapa waterfalls are located in the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park area. Sepapa Kiri Waterfall is a 60 meter high waterfall located in Kubu Perahu Village in Bukit Bali District, West Lampung Regency. For the Sepapa Kiri waterfall, the location is the same as the Sepapa Kiri waterfall. So what is the difference between these two places? The difference is, the height of the Sepapa waterfall on the right is about 20 meters. Even so, these two places have very beautiful natural scenery.

The Peak of Bawang Putih is located in Pekon Negeri Ratu, Batu Brak District. The top of the daffodil onion is famous for the name of the country above the clouds. The best way to go to this attraction is around 05.30 or after dawn prayer to get the best sunrise. At sunrise, Mount Pesagi is crystal clear and you can see the mist below. Therefore, it is called the land of clouds. There you can also see Mount Seminung. so pretty.


So, all of this has something to do with Mount Pesagi. Hopefully it will add to your insight, especially about the mountains in West Lampung Province. From its natural beauty to its historical value, there is also this mountain.

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