Pahawang , The Best Snorkeling Spot in Lampung

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Pahawang Island

In addition to clear beach views and clear sea, Pahawang Island also offers colorful underwater beauty. For lovers of scuba diving or snorkeling, Pahawang Island is a must-visit destination.The island is divided into 2 parts, namely Pahawang Kecil Island and Pahawang Besar Island. The small island of Pahawang is intended solely for relaxation for guests who want to sunbathe accompanied by the waves. Meanwhile, Pahawang Besar Island has more complete facilities, of course, with cool dive sites. In addition to fish and coral reefs, a traveler can also see many unique places under the sea of Pahawang Island. Other dive sites are installations made by residents in the form of gates, mini temple inscriptions.

This island is precisely located in Punduh Padada District, Pasawar Regency, South Lampung. The route to Pahawang Island is via Transit at Sariringggung Beach. From Bandar Lampung City, you can travel by private vehicle to Sariringggung Beach with an estimated time of 2-3 hours depending on traffic conditions. Arriving at Sariringggung Beach, you must park your vehicle. Then look for a boat to sail to Pahawang Island. Sariringggung Beach is open 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about parked vehicles. Don’t forget to bring all the things you need to Pahawang Island. The distance from Pahawang Island to Sariringggung Beach is quite far.
Snorkeling Spots in Lampung Pahawang Tourism

Back to the original topic which was the reason for traveling to Pahawang, snorkeling is indeed an activity that is a pity to miss. Pahawang Island itself offers 5 dive sites that are worth exploring, including:



The first dive site you should visit is Cukuh Bedil. One of the marine parks on Pahawang Island, this place can be reached by 5 to 10 minutes drive. When you dive here, be prepared to be amazed by the biodiversity that exists in Cukuh Bedil at a depth of only 2 to 4 meters. Various colorful fish swim back and forth between the coral reefs, as if not afraid to greet tourists who snorkel in this place. Moreover, you can also take underwater photos precisely in front of the words “Pahawang Marine Park” which is very instagrammable and should be uploaded to your social media account.

Cape Break

Tanjung Putus is not far from the vast Pahawang Island and is a dive site that is no less beautiful than Cukuh Bedil above. This tiny island has white sandy beaches with beautiful nature, making snorkeling at Tanjung Putus even more enjoyable. The clear water makes the underwater scenery above Tanjung Putus clearly visible. But once in the water, a truly beautiful underwater paradise will become a reality and will destroy the viewer’s view. The coral reefs are still beautiful so colorful fish swim freely around it. While snorkeling at Tanjung Putus, you will also see clown fish or clown fish or more popularly known as nemo fish. Tired of snorkeling, don’t go home yet. Try kayaking to enjoy the beauty of the sea around Tanjung Putus which is clear and still free of pollution .

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